We play at Dyke Park tennis courts
Winter: Saturday and Sunday 1pm onwards - dusk
Summer: Saturday 2pm, Sunday and Monday 5pm

Cy Pollard 07958564641
Claire Anderson 07561213064

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Adults: (not payable until April 2017 onwards)
£85: (£55 Membership Subscription + £30 Club Members' Parks Season Ticket) which waives your court fees for all Brighton and Hove Parks Tennis courts for one year.
Non-Club Members would have to pay £93.10 (2016-2017) to purchase this Parks Season Ticket from Brighton & Hove Council.
Payment instalments by arrangement with Cy Pollard (Dyke Park LTC Club Captain/Licensed Coach): 07958564641.

N.B. Non-Season Ticket practice partners are still liable for court fees pro-rata - currently £7.90 per court per hour (2016-2017) but free before 10am, 7 days a week.

Juniors (under 16) -  £35        Students - negotiable 
All Brighton and Hove Parks tennis courts are available to use on a Pay and Play basis. This means that anyone can come along and pay for the courts on a hourly basis. The courts can't be booked in advance; they operate on a first come, first served basis. An authorised tennis club / Brighton & Hove Council fee collector will usually collect your money once you have started. Evenings and weekend daytimes are the busiest times.
2016-2017 fees: Adults - £7.90 per hour, per court
                         Children: £4.10 per hour, per court
FREE: Before 10am, 7 days a week



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